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Thank You for choosing
 Swing Pros Atlanta
for your golf improvement journey!

Founded in 2014, Swing Pros Atlanta has been providing high quality golf lessons to the Atlanta community for nearly a decade!

Just like Atlanta, we've grown & adapted a lot over those years. If you'd like, you can read more about that journey HERE! 

Over this time, every new client's journey has begun with what we dub as the
Introductory Swing Analysis.

The 45-minute Swing Analysis is an opportunity for each potential client to meet our team, tour our facility & obtain a solid base for future learning.

This session will provide a better understanding of the goals within their own golf swing, current building blocks for improvement & priorities within future practice.

Learning golf at all levels is a process & we want potential students to understand what this process may entail.

Swing Pros offers a variety of lesson types to suit a wide array of golfers & goals. This means that every Swing Analysis will conclude with your professional's recommendation of what next steps will be most complimentary to you & your goals.
View examples of these options in our menu by clicking HERE

We now offer two
Swing Analysis options:

New to Golf?

If your experience goes about as far as a driving range or golf entertainment center, such as Top Golf or Mini Golf, this is the option for you!

Let us start by helping you build a solid base and properly grow some of your most critical golf concepts & habits!

Standard Analysis

Whether you golf regularly or are just starting to get back into it, this is where most of our new students start. 

Remember, you don't have to be a good player for this option! It's only about having a little experience out there.

Let's examine the roots of your golf swing on a deeper level and help you set up a plan to attack those bad habits once and for all. 

Lesson Menu


One of the things we most pride ourselves on most at Swing Pros Golf is our unique process.

Meticulously researched through experience and feedback, our process involves a variety of lesson types and packages to fit a variety of golfers throughout their golfing career.

For example, many of our students start their journey with 45 minute lessons before evolving into a shorter lesson that's followed by a practice session. 


Options like this have helped make us Atlanta's best place to learn golf.  We're built to make you better!! 

Private Lessons

One of the many benefits to learning new golf habits inside is the ability to reduce & control outside variables.

Whether it's wind, bad turf or the guy two stalls down who won't stop watching your lesson, it's vital to get away from the distractions sometimes.

Welcome to your very own private lesson studio!

Private lessons are built to provide you with new keys to your game, new concepts and new feels, all complimented by world class instruction. 

Learn details about this location such as technology and instructors!


Reinforcement Lessons


Just like it's important that a baby master walking before trying to run, it's important a golfer reinforce and emphasize new habits before making new major adjustments.

Sometimes described as guided practice, Reinforcement lessons give you the chance to revisit information from your previous private lessons and emphasis your biggest priorities

Within these sessions, our goal is to expand your new concepts to ensure the priorities within your game & swing are understood & sound.

New drills, check points and ways to understand instant feedback will take your focused practice to the next level! 

Learn more details about the Reinforcement Room including location & technology!

Unique Package


Despite the deceptive marketing you may see on TV & internet advertisements, there are no quick paths to long term consistent golf. 

Learning golf is a journey that takes dedication & time to get in the proper repetitions required to obtain long term growth & consistency. 

Even with these attributes, learning golf on your own can be nearly impossible. Having the right team following the most efficient possible path for your unique experience and goals is vital in finding long term success. 

Swing Pros' proprietary processes create a more regimented & precise path in a place that can often feel so dark. 

Which path your instructor will recommend will be dependent on a number of factors including but not limited to: experience level, goals, frequency of visits and ability to practice on your own. Below are some examples.


Positive Reinforcement


Our most popular package & the best way to start your learning journey. 

These packages include all 3 of our service offerings in 45 minute sessions.  

Private Lesson one week, a Reinforcement Lesson the next week and then a solo practice session days before your next private lesson is a typical schedule to begin. 

Let's create new habits and make them stick!

Get Versed,

then Rehearse Packages

Versed then Rehearse is our newest package offering at Swing Pros:

 A 30 minute lesson followed immediately by a 30 minute practice session!

These packages were designed to grow into once a student has cut down their variables & can focus on 1-2 small things per lesson. Some experienced students begin here while most of our students will start with a Positive Reinforcement Package before evolving into this style of lesson. 


Group Clinics

One of the biggest advantages of our recently added space has been a greater ability to do group clinics!
Our 4 hitting bays & 1,000 sq ft putting green give us the ability to spend hours introducing or honing aspects of golf for a variety of levels. This offering is intended for 4 or more participants and can include friends, co-workers, teammates or even (friendly) competitors! Great tune up, team building activity or general introduction to the game of golf. 
To schedule a group clinic, please Contact Us!