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***New Clients Only

A La Carte, "Tune Up" Lessons or get your feet wet without committing to a package!

Tackle short & long term goals more efficiently with a package of private lessons!


Ensure your understanding of new concepts before moving onto the next. 

Available June 2021


Swing Analysis



Perfect practice creates permanent results!

Most Popular!
Positive Reinforcement Packages

Combine standard lessons, reinforcement lessons & practice sessions to create results that last! 

Get Versed, then Rehearse

Our newest offering for clients who have made their way through a Reinforcement Package but have more goals to tackle!

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532 Plasters Ave - Swing Pros Golf Lessons

544 Plasters Ave - Swing Pros Reinforcement Room

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Swing Analysis

An introduction lesson reserved for new clients only designed to explore your interest in golf lessons with Swing Pros. It will include an assessment of your game, goals and physical history to give us the best advantage in helping your golf game grow.  Your Pro will analyze your set up & swing in addition to other factors dependent on your experience level. 

45 Minutes - $135

   2 Person - $169

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Lesson Packages

Packages allow your Swing Pro to create a more customized road map to improvement for your specific strengths and weaknesses. 

We can tackle one aspect of your game through a 3 lesson series or complete a more tee to green regiment with a 9 lesson offering. 

New golfers, and those with loftier short and long term goals, benefit greatly from the consistency that comes along with custom planned & packaged lessons.


There is no complete learning system better than one built specifically for you and your goals. Your game will thank you!

BIRDIE PACKS - 3 Lessons

Three 30 Minute Lessons 

Three 45 Minute Lessons


Three 60 Minute Lessons


EAGLE PACKS - 9 Lessons

Nine 30 Minute Lessons


Nine 45 Minute Lessons

Nine 60 Minute Lessons


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Private Lessons

Golfers looking for a "tune up" to any aspect of their game, or experienced golfers looking for specific pieces for improvement should consider a

private lesson. 


Private lessons allow Swing Pros extra freedom to target specific weaknesses with concepts, improved habits, drills and proper practice techniques. 

Generally speaking, golfers who allot more time between lessons (6+ weeks) find increased value in individual lessons vs packages. 

30 Minutes - $99

45 Minutes - $149

60 Minutes - $180

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Reinforcement Lessons

One of the biggest mistakes we can make while learning new skills is trying to tackle the next goal before becoming completely competent with the previous step.

Swing Pros newest lesson offering, Reinforcement Lessons, are meant to assist in mastering newly introduced skills, concepts and pieces of your golf game before moving onto the next step.  

Make the most of the practice time between individual or package lessons by taking advantage of the value included in Reinforcement Lessons. 


Reinforcement Lessons are also a great way to introduce yourself to Swing Pros new practice area & learn how to create a focused regiment with every visit. 


30 Minute Lesson - $68

45 Minutes - $95


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Swing Pros newest package offering is quickly becoming our most popular! Make the most of all available services by combining Private Lessons, Reinforcement Lessons and Practice into one convenient package.

Designed to maximize growth & positive repetitions, these packages offer our clients an unmatched learning process.

All sessions are 45 Minutes. 

Package #1

2 Private Lessons, 2 Reinforcement Lessons & 2 Practice Sessions


6 Visits for


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Package #2

3 Private Lessons, 3 Reinforcement Lessons & 5 Practice Sessions


11 Visits for


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Package #3

5 Private Lessons, 5 Reinforcement Lessons & 10 Practice Sessions 


20 Visits for


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Reinforcement Room Construction - June 2021

Read about the Reinforcement Room & progress we've made HERE!

Practice Sessions

As our students have heard us say over and over again: Proper practice is the only way to create permanent results. Swing Pros now offers a comfortable and focus friendly space designed by golfers for golfers.... The Reinforcement Room!

Each bay features it's own FlightScope Mevo+,  an advanced launch monitor that captures 16 different data points.

Find familiarity in the included E6 virtual driving range & 5 golf world class golf courses available.

30 Minutes - $20

45 Minutes - $30

View our new

Reinforcement Area HERE

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Group Clinics

One of the biggest advantages of our recently added space has been a greater ability to do group clinics!
Our 4 hitting bays & 1,000 sq ft putting green give us the ability to spend hours introducing or honing aspects of golf for a variety of levels. This offering is intended for 4 or more participants and can include friends, co-workers, teammates or even (friendly) competitors! Great tune up, team building activity or general introduction to the game of golf. 
To schedule a group clinic, please Contact Us!



Get Versed,

then Rehearse

Upon completion of a solid base & good habits that begin to reduce negative variables in your swing, it's time to really groove in new habits!


Once we've grown to be in a good consistent space within our swing, 45 minute lessons can sometimes become too much. This is where you've grown into our new Versed then Rehearse packages!  

These packages are made up of a various number of visits that are broken into two 30 minute segments. The first 30 minutes is spent in a lesson obtaining the most relevant information for your game that day. 

After this lesson, you'll immediately complete a 30 minute practice session in our new Reinforcement Room to rehearse and find quality repetitions of what you just learned. 


1 - 60 Minute Visit  -  $135

30 Minute Private lesson - 30 Minute Practice

2- 60 Minute Visits

30 Minute Private Lesson - 30 Minute Reinforcement Lesson

2 30 Minute Practices

4 - 60 Minute Visits

2 30 Minute Private Lessons- 2 30 Minute Reinforcement Lessons

4 30 Minute Practices

6 - 60 Minute Visits

3 30 Minute Private Lessons - 3 30 Minute Reinforcement Lessons

6 30 Minute Practices

12 - 60 Minute Visits

6 30 Minute Private Lessons - 6 30 Minute Reinforcement Lessons

12 30 Minute Practices

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