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Swing Pros Invitational!

By the time you've opened and read this blog post, our newest offering at Swing Pros Atlanta will be off and running! No worries though, our member only tournament runs until we've hit 100 entries, or February 15th, whichever comes first! As a matter of fact, we will be running various tournaments throughout 2023 for you to compete in.

Take the opportunity to translate the things you're working on by simplifying and playing a round of golf this Winter! Our low variable, climate-controlled Reinforcement Room creates the perfect environment for going from practice to play smoothly & comfortably.


If you have any issues with setting up the software once you've arrived at the Reinforcement Room, check out this blog post on setting up and using the E6 software or watch the set up video at the bottom of this blog.

The current Swing Pros Invitational is being played at Wade Hampton Golf Club in Jackson County, North Carolina!

It's a picturesque golf course with beautiful colors, rolling hills and strategically placed curves, turns and elevation changes. We hope you enjoy the choice!

Each player can have as many entries to the tournament as they'd like, with only their lowest round counting!

Remember to keep your statistics as you go as you might outside with the scorecards we've provided you. Did you hit the fairway? Green in regulation? Which direction did you miss? Let's get better at recording these stats & learn our trends now!

In order to set an even playing field, we have to make sure we've got some options & settings right for your round!

Choosing the proper Tees to play from:

We have set the tees you're qualified to play from based on the distance you hit your 6 iron.

200 + Yards - Black Tees

185 - 199 Yards - Blue Tees

170 - 184 Yards - White Tees

155 - 169 Yards - Red Tees

>155 yards - Yellow Tees

Finally, once you select the golf course and press "Next" you'll see the following screen along with a list of settings. Here are a few you want to keep an eye on in order for your round to count!


Each entry gets ONE mulligan per round. Please ensure this is selected before starting your round and keep in mind that we can see how many are taken in each round!

Putting Mode:

To keep things fair, we're going to allow the computer to decide the number of putts taken on each hole. In order for this auto putt to happen, you must be on the green! Make sure to pay attention to those short chip & pitch shots and learn from the experience of them for each next round! Chipping and pitching perspective on the simulator tends to take a little getting used to, but I promise you'll find it as you go! Please make sure your round is set to "Computer Decides" before you press Tee Off!

Other settings to be aware of:

In order to keep this tournament as consistent as possible for every entry, we've decided to allow you to turn off variables such as wind, terrain penalty & elevation off. It is your responsibility to check these settings as there's no guarantee the person before you had it set the way you'd like! All other settings should be set to "moderate".

Finally, we have a screen recording of a Swing Pros Invitational round being set up. Please refer to it if you have any problems while getting set up for your round! Thank you very much for your participation in this tournament and best of luck!

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