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Advertising Opportunities

Currently, Swing Pros Lesson Facility is displayed to well over 100 sets of eyes per week. These include new prospective clients making their first visit & loyal patrons who have visited once a week for years, at about a 30/70 ratio. 

Our recently completed "Reinforcement Room", a 4,500 sq ft. practice based facility built exclusively around making our clients better golfers has increased the number of visits per week for our facility by both of these groups. We currently have 4 operational bays which were completed June 2021 & a 1,000sq ft indoor putting green completed at the end of 2021. Our Pros will be recommend that clients visit this separated section of our facility once a week and, one year end, we've found that about 50% of our clients stick to this weekly regiment. A smaller portion, about 10%, will visit more than once per week.

This means if Swing Pros "Reinforcement Room's" schedule ranges between 60% - 100%  capacity with 4 bays, your advertisements will see between 200 & 350 prospects or loyalists per week. 

Both sections of Swing Pros' have a vast array of areas & options for advertising opportunities. These include, but are not limited to: wall space, space inside hitting bays & practice nets, window & door space, 1x10 pillar space or full pillar wrapping and the capability to hang ceiling banners in select locations if desired. 

If you are interested in becoming an advertising partner with Swing Pros Atlanta, please fill out one of our CONTACT forms. Be sure to include business type & website, desired type and space of advertisement (wall banner, pillar wrap etc) as well as a little about your advertising goals or vision within Swing Pros. We are also happy to provide more information on advertising positions & further description on each location as is needed. 

Thank you for your time & we look forward to partnering with your business!

New Advertising Opportunities!

Swing Pros is expanding to include FOUR new practice bays for our clients! 

This means we finally have the freedom to offer weekly golf tournaments to these clients which will be played on our FlightScope & E6 simulator systems. 

Swing Pros is now looking to find a TITLE SPONSOR for this weekly golf tournament!

In addition each tournament will hold in it a "closest to the pin" challenge. With the additional contest comes a second, separate sponsorship opportunity for the right business. 

Please CONTACT US if you are interested in learning more about this sponsorship opportunity!

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