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Please reach out if you have any questions beyond the scope of what's available here!

Q: I'm a new client interested in starting golf lessons. What's the best way to begin? 

A:  Each new client should start with a 40 Minute Swing Analysis! This gives you the best introduction to Swing Pros facility & staff as well as an opportunity for us to find the best package for you moving forward!

Q: Can I come tour the facility? 

Because most of our time is dedicated to giving golf lessons, we cannot break away to meet with new clients in person. Because of this, Swing Pros operates as an appointment only facility. If you'd like to tour the facility, please reach out so that we can schedule an appropriate time!

Q: I previously purchased a pack using the previous system and don't see the credits in my new profile. What gives?

Unfortunately, our transition to the new software wasn't able to be as seamless as we'd hoped. Luckily, we take good notes!

All of your packages are tracked manually on the backend so we are up to date on your remaining account credits. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! While the paper trail isn't as convenient as it could have been, we are still able to put together visit receipts to show you where we are in your package.

Q: How do I book my previously purchased packages on the new system? 

We have multiple booking options with the word "carryover" in either the title or description.

These are for you!

If you have a 45 minute package (Positive Reinforcement or Private Lessons) please only select 45 minutes! This will make tracking your visits much easier on our end as well as ensure you don't sign up for a shorter lesson than you purchased. 

Whether 30 or 45 minutes, the system is going to ask you for a valid credit card to hold your spot, it will not be charged as long as you select the CARRYOVER options. 

Please NOTE  

For those who had a previous Versed & Rehearsed Package! You will complete the same process as above for your 30 / 30 lessons however you will need to click "BOOK UNPAID" during the checkout process. 


Q: I tried to reschedule or cancel a lesson and wasn't able to. 

Both of these options can only be done up to 12 hours before your scheduled session. If you need a change inside this window, please reach out via email at:

Q: I tried to call but can't get through!

Please keep in mind that Swing Pros Atlanta consists of 2 staff members covering nearly 10,000 sq ft of space. It can be tough to get to the phone during the day, but txt or email can often get quick responses!

Q: How to book Versed & Rehearsed style lessons?

The booking of our most popular lesson style is a 2-step process!

STEP 1: Select the Versed section that matches your desired lesson length. 

STEP 2: Select the Rehearsed section. 

Step 3: Select the date and time for your hour long session! It will automatically be booked back to back in the appropriate fashion. 

Remember that all sessions will start with the lesson and then end with the proper rehearsal!

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