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Swing Analysis

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532 Plasters Ave

Swing Pros Private Lessons Studio


544 Plasters Ave

Swing Pros Reinforcement Room

Welcome to the
Swing Pros Golf Improvement System!

A researched & refined structure of lesson options to suit a larger number of golfers at a variety of levels. 
Two lesson styles produce a number of package options to find the route that fits you best


Reinforcement Lessons

Private Lessons

Private Lessons
  • New Concepts

  • New Drills to be revisited during Reinforcement or Practice

  • Designate 1 - 2 priorities with each lesson

  • Private environment, just you & your instructor(s)!

  • Revisit and drive home concepts to help solidify their effects

  • Understand how to properly practice new priorities

  • New & old drills to create more productive practice

  • Recognize feedback & how to use it in your learning


Practice Sessions

Work on connecting it all with proper repetitions on your own in our comfortable, low variable member only practice area! Free use of available training aides & 1,000 sq ft putting & chipping green.



Positive Package


Our most popular package is built for golfers of all levels! Most clients start their lesson journey with one of these packages because of the length of appointments (all are 45 minutes) & versatility. 

Our Favorite Process

  • About a week after your initial Swing Analysis, you come back for your first Reinforcement Lesson! Here we will revisit base information such as grip and the physics of your swing. 

  • About 4-5 days after this lesson, you will return for your first solo practice session. This is to help get your feedback systems firing as well as helping us understand what goes well or poorly without supervision. 

  • 3-4 days after your practice session (or sooner!) return for a Private Golf Lesson and your next round of new information. 

  • After your first 2-3 sessions, gradually start spacing lessons apart as necessary

3 Package Sizes
2 PL / 2 RL / 2 Practices

Purchase HERE!

then Rehearse

Once the base of your swing is consistent & physics are correct, many students evolve into our Get Versed, then Rehearse style lesson packages. 

As the name may indicate, these 60-minute visits are broken into two 30-minute sessions.

---The first is either a Private or Reinforcement Lesson.

---The second 30 minutes is spent in your very own virtual practice bay. This unique process allows for high quality repetitions in a low variable environment while information & concepts are ripe & fresh! 

Available in individual or various package sizes
Click HERE for details & pricing
Private Lessons

Private Lesson Packages

Students with more limited schedules are able to find success within these packages. Most will supplement these lessons with individual Reinforcement Lessons when necessary. 

Available for 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions. 

Check out details & purchase 

3 Pack HERE

9 Pack HERE

Group Clinics

Group Clinics

Our next open Group Clinic is Saturday, December 17th
Register HERE

One of the biggest advantages of our recently added space has been a greater ability to do group clinics!
Our 4 hitting bays & 1,000 sq ft putting green give us the opportunity to spend hours introducing or honing aspects of golf for a variety of levels. This offering is intended for 4 or more participants and can include friends, co-workers, teammates or even (friendly) competitors! Great tune up, team building activity or general introduction to the game of golf. 
To schedule a group clinic, please Contact Us!

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