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What is Swing Pros' Reinforcement Room all about?

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Proper practice is the only way to find permanent results in the learning of any motor skill. Repetition after repetition with the correct priorities is necessary to build the muscle memory needed to overcome the most counterintuitive pieces of the golf swing. These are facts that much of Swing Pros teaching philosophy is built around. Whether we're working with a player whose goal is competitive golf, building a new swing from scratch or anything in between, proper repetition is the most effective way to build a lifelong golf swing that you truly understand.

Constant questions from our students for a proper place to consistently practice inside the perimeter of Atlanta inspired us to take advantage of an opportunity. In March of 2021, the space immediately next to our 532 Original golf lesson location became available and we jumped on it immediately.

From the brick walls to the high ceilings and open spaces, it was decided that there would be no better blank canvas to turn into an indoor driving range for our students than this one.

This 4,500 square foot warehouse space is the perfect place for our students to find low variable practice to increase quality repetitions in a very comfortable space. Now completed, the Reinforcement Room is equipped with 3 full swing practice bays. Each bay is equipped with a FlightScope Mevo + launch monitor along with iPad powered FlightScope and E6 softwares. High quality projectors display brilliant images on the high impact projector screen that you will be hitting directly into, creating an immersive experience whether you're on the range or playing one of the five E6 powered golf courses from around the world.

While we could have filled this space with as many hitting bays as we could fit, we decided to go the route that we believe will most improve our students entire golf games.... a short game area!

Our 1,000 square foot indoor putting green is complimented with sand filled turf, allowing the green to properly receive spin and actually mimic a real outdoor putting green as accurately as possible. Uphill, downhill, left to right or right to left breaking putts of varying degrees are easy to find on this enormous putting surface, making it easier to truly practice some of the tougher putts you can find outside. Of course, sometimes a dead straight putt with no break is what you need to best learn.... we have those too!

This area also has a chipping area with great lines to multiple holes, as well as small mobile chipping mats that can easily be moved to different areas of the green. Variety is what you'll find on the golf course so we prioritized variety being something our students can practice right here!

However, we knew that only offering practice wouldn't be the most effective way to use this space. As anyone who's tried knows, learning golf is really hard. The counterintuitive nature of the motion can be truly baffling, especially with foggy concepts. After all, the most important piece of quality practice is consistently repping the right motions in the correct manner.

Over our nearly 10 years of existence, we've learned that proceeding through "building blocks" is a necessity.... think of it as learning to and then becoming very competent at walking before thinking too much about running. It sounds simple but anyone who's tried learning golf knows it is easier said than done... there are a myriad of pieces that go into hitting a golf ball consistently well and many of those pieces depend on preceding motions being performed properly.

From this understanding, we were inspired to create what we've dubbed as "Reinforcement Lessons". These lessons are exactly as they sound, meant to reinforce concepts and actions of lessons past to help strengthen the foundation that is your evolving golf game. Reinforcement Lessons have been found to be incredibly effective in ensuring concepts that are essential to your growth have truly been understood and can be properly repeated in a way that is beneficial to the precious practice time our students have through the week.

Much of our teaching philosophy has evolved to include heavy emphasis on the theory of reinforcement, especially during the first stages of your golf learning journey. The results with our clients have spoken for themselves and we have been truly excited to share this program with all of you!

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