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"Business in Golf" - Our Group Clinic built for businesses of all sizes.

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Are you tired of your team members (or yourself!) turning down networking opportunities on the golf course?

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Whether you're a business owner, team manager, or a corporation looking for new team building events, golf has the ability to add unfounded value to your business.

From sales to networking, a 4-hour round of golf with a beautiful background can be the perfect setting for business related relationships.... But only if it's done correctly!

Leaving the wrong impression, such as poor etiquette, or unintentionally cheating can be even more impactful than leaving the right one, and many times it just comes down to you now knowing any better!

For this reason, many employees in position to take advantage of these networking opportunities turn them down out of fear of being judged or overall inexperience with the game.


At our core, Swing Pros Atlanta wants to grow the game of golf because we love the game of golf!

Golf can create so many unique opportunities, even as simple as networking or general bonding time over the course of 4-5 hours in a unique, beautiful setting!

However, being stressed on the course is not fun for you or the people around you. This can be a difficult balance at times because, if you've ever played golf, you know it tends to be a pretty tough and sometimes stressful game.

This is where Swing Pros Business in Golf Clinic's come in!

Regardless of experience level, Swing Pros' Business Clinics are built to help your employees understand how to leave long-lasting impressions in what can be an intimidating and sometimes overwhelming environment.

The scenarios where golf can be a powerful business tool are plentiful!

There's no need for me to list them because I know from experience that as a manager you've watched your employees turn down opportunity after opportunity. Nobody wants to be the manager who makes seemingly uncomfortable events mandatory... LET US HELP IGNITE THAT SPARK!

Possible experiences range from joining charity scrambles for business exposure & team building to hosting or being hosted by clients on the golf course for rapport building, networking or sales.

Each scenario comes with unique opportunities & challenges. While a scramble is the perfect introduction for a new golfer, throwing them into a sales day on the course wouldn't be an ideal start.

Let us help you & your employees understand how to ease into proper implementation of this business tool!

What makes this unique clinic beneficial for your team?

When a business interest invites you out to golf, it's rarely to see how refined your swing is.

Avid Golfers are intentional about spending time on the golf course with those they genuinely enjoy spending time with. In golf, the respect of many written & unwritten rules is crucial to the impact this time leaves on your playing partners.

Our "Business in Golf" Clinic is a segmented 2-hour session designed to help your team members better understand how to be the golf partner your next business prospect wants to spend time with!

Hour 1 consists of a sit down PowerPoint presentation and snacks (or a catered meal) in our comfortable, large lounge, brought to us by Hero Donuts in Downtown Atlanta!

Hour 1 - Overview of topics:

  • Why do the majority of the world's most successful businesspeople and leaders play golf?

  • Understanding and displaying on-course etiquette & professionalism

  • How to present yourself & set expectations

  • Rules basics

  • When & how to properly and appropriately build rapport

Our unique presentation & group discussion will revolve around respect for the company you're in, the business you're there to represent, as wells as the golf course & game so that you can best accomplish the goal at hand.... RAPPORT BUILDING!!

Reaching depths that no lunch meeting can challenge, the commodity of 4.5 hours together in such a beautiful environment makes it so much more than a business meeting. But like all things in life, the company you're surrounded by often dictates the impression that's left!

Years of prior sales & business experience has helped Trevor of the Swing Pros Atlanta team put together a unique presentation that answers many newcomers' questions on the course.

Together, Kevin and Trevor come together as a team to help this power point discussion highlight what to expect before, during and after your round as well as how to present yourself in different scenarios that are bound to arise throughout your day.

Let us guide your employees to understanding and confidence in how to set themselves up for a successful day of golf before the first tee, regardless of experience or skill.

Hour 2

Now, we Golf!

The second of our hours is built around getting your team comfortable holding and swinging a golf club!

Just like young a Tiger Woods once did when learning the game, we'll start with close range putting on our 1,000 sq ft indoor putting green.

Our large group will break into smaller groups here to ensure everyone gets equal time learning games, drills and How-To's!

Read more about what makes our putting green unique here!

From putting, we'll introduce the physics and the G.A.S. (Grip, Aim, Set Up) of the golf swing by starting with small chip shots & working up to full swings in our practice bays!

Ending our sessions with challenges such as closest to the hole or long drive contests help to showcase the unique practice area and technology Swing Pros Atlanta has to offer!

One of the biggest takeaways people have from this 2 hour session?

Golf is hard!

BUT, it's hard for everyone!

As a successful businessperson, you know that there is growth in struggle

& you'd be hard pressed to find a better example of that than golf!

This is a great eye opener for people on the importance of guided instruction in the early stages of learning the game.

Sticking with lessons, and doing them early & often to begin with, is the most effective way to build a solid foundation for future success!

After this clinic, you and your team members are eligible for discounts on the Introductory Swing Analysis, a 40 Minute in-depth look at the things that make your swing go!

We at Swing Pros Atlanta truly want to help build confidence and enjoyment among those who should be golfing, but turn down opportunity after opportunity out of inexperience, poor prior experiences or any other hinderance.

Let's get your team golfing and unlock the potential golf has for your business!

Contact us to request a clinic, with details such as group size & experience, business name & a date or two you'd be interested in!


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