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Here's why our 1,000 sq ft Putting Green is unlike any Indoor Green you've ever Experienced

Updated: May 1, 2022

One challenge we faced while designing the Reinforcement Room was how to best use every square foot of the very uniquely shaped space we'd acquired.

How can we offer as much space for quality practice as possible without running the risk of sacrificing our comfortable, spacious and semiprivate atmosphere?

Our answer?

Short game!

Ultimately, we decided to use the unique triangle shape of our space to create a putting and chipping area that is unlike anything you've seen, something many people notice immediately on sight.

So, what makes our putting green so special?

In October 2021, Swing Pros Atlanta partnered with a local Atlanta artificial turf company named Total Turf & Greens to bring our vision to life.

Rob Heltzel, owner of Total Turf, fell in love with the space we presented him with immediately. Rob saw this bare concrete space as the exciting blank canvas that we did and very quickly came up with a variety of different ways to make the most of the space we had to use.

To help give you a better idea of how far we've come, here's a photo of the first putting lesson ever given in the Reinforcement Room. At least we didn't make him putt on the concrete!

Ultimately, we decided that laying putting turf on the concrete was not the way we wanted to highlight this particular space. Instead, the goal was to create a true putting green. A green with large undulations, a variety of break, and hills and as realistic to what you'd expect outside as possible. These priorities led us to Rob's vision of bringing an outdoor turf putting green inside.

The result? A putting green with speeds, breaks and putt lengths that you'd expect to find in every round of golf you play! One of the coolest parts of this gravel layered, sand filled green is the way it receives spin from chip shots. It is remarkable to witness the sand jump up and the ball land softly. Void is the "bounce" that many indoor putting greens face in chip and pitch shots, making it impossible to play indoor shots the way you would outside. This realistic result is something you have to see to believe!

November 2021

December 2021

We couldn't be prouder of the results! Even we were surprised to witness how similar it is to an outdoor putting green, especially as it's been broken in over the past couple months. From straight putts to breaking putts of varying degrees that includes every slope you could ask for! On top of all that, it even has something that can be hard to find on an outdoor practice green.... a 60 foot putt! It is of course a challenging putt but Kevin can verify that it is makeable!

There have been few better feelings than watching the wonder wash across students faces as they experience this amazing putting green for the first time.

We hope this background information helps bring to light our true goal in all of these decision.... create better golfers! For all golfers, these putts and chips can account for anywhere from 45%-60% of your total score. That's a huge chunk and, for most people, one that often needs nothing more than proper practice to be greatly improved upon.

Involving this project in our new space is an important piece of our 4 Pillar Golf vision of creating better golfers, not just better golf swings.

If you've had your Swing Analysis with Kevin, you're now eligible to book practice sessions, in addition to putting or chipping specific private and reinforcement lessons.

Here you can either book a practice bay where you'll have the freedom to go from full swing to putting or chipping as you'd please, or a short game specific session that is only done on the putting and chipping areas. Ask your instructor why each one has it's benefits! He may also suggest one over the other depending on where in your journey you are.

Ultimately, all we're asking is that our students use it! You now have every reason to hit at least a few putts with every practice session. It can be a great way to start your visit, warming up your golf brain before diving into your full swing warm up routine.

We love hearing feedback on this feature and are always open to ideas on how we could adapt it to become even more beneficial to you!

New Clients must start their Swing Pros Atlanta journey with a Swing Analysis.

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