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532 Renovation - Our Private Lesson Bay gets a face lift!

Those of you who have been with us from the start have seen many iterations of Swing Pros Atlanta.

From our original modest home inside a gym on Peachtree & Pharr (now an apartment complex) with ceilings not high enough for many of our tallest clients to hit their drivers.

After a couple years in this location, we grew enough to branch out! We took over a former locksmith's office, falling in love with the building the instant we walked in! High ceilings, spacious open floor plan and the old school brick make this home. Here is the original layout of 532 Plasters Ave, after we made it our home!

It was thousands of feet of space that felt like it was made for indoor golf, with high ceilings galore! The perfect space for us, customized by us for the betterment of our clients!

Many times, we'd have two instructors in this space, one with a launch monitor and projector, the other teaching solely with cameras. It created a much better environment for learning and came with so much new possibility! For the most part, other than some cosmetics here and there, this space remained unchanged for the next 6 1/2 years.

In 2021, we again expanded our footprint by obtaining the office space (then serving as a private investigators office with filing cabinets as far as the eye could see!) beside our existing studio. This additional space became known as the "Reinforcement Room". You can read more about its design & impact on our philosophy of teaching golf here.

But as they say, more space, more problems! Swing Pros now had these two beautiful and purposefully dedicated spaces directly next to each other with no access point between the two! For clients to go from a lesson to a practice session, they had to walk out of the building and down to the end of it, sometimes in the rain and often in the heat! We had to find a way to make it a breeze to get from one to the other. Luckily, the original incarnation of these spaces was for warehouse storage! These spaces had been connected previously and even came with a giant cut out in the mason brick wall for a door to be set in!

The only problem? Here's the view of that same cut out from our previous Private Lesson Bay layout.

It could not have been more directly behind our impact & projector screens, making our current layout impossible to connect! That meant one thing.... renovation time!!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's our renovation journey is photo form!

The benefits of this remodel have been plentiful! From the over 2' wider hitting area to the overall synchronization of all 5 of our hitting bays facing the same direction and the matching recycled material drapes!

The mat has been cut into the surrounding turf & secured to a foam mat underneath it, adding an extra layer as well as a mat that won't slide around on us anymore.

The synthetic rough is beautiful visually but can also be hit off of to create new scenarios we didn't have access to before.

The door connecting the spaces has been a game changer. Besides creating accessibility for ourselves & our clients, it's given us the opportunity to make our "Versed & Rehearsed" style lessons even easier. After a private lesson, the student can be walked over directly into their awaiting practice bay! It's also made it more routine to incorporate our 1,000 sq ft. putting green into more private lessons to help compliment chipping and putting lessons.

With some touch up here and there yet to be done, we hope to have the entirety of the project done by the end of 2023.

We hope to include signage of partner businesses as part of this project, so please reach out if you think your business would be interested in advertising with Swing Pros!

Special thanks to Wesley Lovvorn of Lovvorn Construction, Geff with Pat Murphy Electric & Rob with Total Turf & Greens for all the help making our vision a reality!

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